This article is specifically catered to people who are based in the USA and plan to come study Spanish in Spain. If you plan on studying in Spain for four months or more then I suggest that you open a Spanish bank account. If you do not want an account or do not yet have one and find that you need to procure cash (from the USA) in a jiffy, then I suggest that you use a money transfer service like MoneyGram. MoneyGram has service agents in 300,000 locations across …CONTINUE READING

Can you feel it? Softly swaying palm trees, warm sun on your skin, the sound of the ocean, clinking ice cubes in a glass… You’ve just made it to the beach and ordered a cool drink in fluent Spanish! Wow. Every Spanish student dreams of the day when they can speak the language perfectly. A summertime trip to Spain can be a great milestone along the road to fluency – never mind all the fun that can be had!   Not a dream If you want to combine the summer …CONTINUE READING

Perhaps you are still in the early stages of your search for a Spanish language course in Spain, and between the hassle of course options, accommodation searches and all the other nitty gritty preparations, you are becoming overwhelmed. You may be wondering why it would even be necessary to make the big move to Spain to study Spanish when you could just follow an on-line Spanish class  and study independently in the familiarity and comfort of your home. Opinions differ on the subject and I, personally, feel it is like comparing apples …CONTINUE READING

So you’re dying to hop on a plane and fly out to España for a fabulous language-learning trip? Apart from your course, accommodation is an important factor when planning your stay. Over the years, the UniSpain team have gained excellent experience with student accommodation bookings in Spain and below we have listed some of the most important things for you to consider.   What types of accommodation are available? UniSpain can source the following types of student accommodation to go with the language course you have booked with them: Placement …CONTINUE READING

Language exchange is a great way to improve your Spanish language skills while you are in Spain. How does it work? Person A is Spanish from Seville and would like to learn Russian. Person B is Russian from Moscow and is currently studying Spanish in Spain – at a school in Seville! Well, the two people decide to meet and engage in discussions. They speak for a half hour in Russian and then for the next half hour in Spanish, or however they decide. All in the spirit of exchanging their languages and …CONTINUE READING

Value for money combined with high quality learning. Welcome to Camino Barcelona! It’s not surprising that Camino Barcelona is one of the most popular Spanish language schools in the whole of Spain. At UniSpain we’ve noticed that the number of students booking courses at this school has risen dramatically the last couple of years. This is because Camino Barcelona has rapidly gained an excellent reputation as an affordable, yet high quality school, both with students and in the industry. This article is a special feature about a language school, which …CONTINUE READING

“When will I be fluent in Spanish?” “How long will it take for me to speak Spanish fluently?” ….Students almost always want to know – WHEN !!! There is this general impatience and attitude of immediate gratification. The answer is – sorry, but there is no answer. The question is so complicated that it would be untrue to designate an exact time. For starters, why don’t we try to define “Fluency.” Simply put, I would say that it is the ability to express one´s self correctly and freely, and understand …CONTINUE READING

Ready to book your Spanish language course in Spain? If so, you are probably reading this post to find out whether it will cost you anything extra to register with UniSpain, and how things work on our online registration page. No, UniSpain will not charge you an extra registration fee. Language schools in Spain normally charge a registration fee, but we will not ask you for one on top. Read our step-by-step registration guide below. You’ll find out how the process works before you try it.   Not familiar with …CONTINUE READING

What is a Visa? It is a stamp on your passport from Spain that permits you to legally live in Spain for a limited amount of time for a particular purpose. A Schengen Visa permits you to travel (for a short period of time) to and within countries that are a part of the designated Schengen territory; all countries within the European Union- including Spain. A Student Visa permits you to live in Spain for a duration that is longer than 3 months for the purpose of realising a course …CONTINUE READING

Great news! Do you want to study Spanish in Spain, but aren’t quite sure if your bank account will stretch to the challenge? UniSpain has a new Special Offers section where you can find quality Spanish language courses in Spain at a very affordable price.   Location, location, location Here are some greatly discounted destinations for you to consider: Barcelona – Ever popular, fashionable and artsy, city and sea in an elegant metropolis! Madrid – Spain’s capital that never sleeps. Need we say more? Valencia – Modern architecture, Spanish city …CONTINUE READING