ibNightlife in Spain is bigger and better than anywhere else in the world, guaranteed. Those who have been, know that getting home in daylight is more the norm than the exception! Whether you love the sound of groovy beats in an open-air beach club, or a marathon tapas and pub crawl in the trendy centre of a metropolis, the Iberian peninsula offers world class shindigs for just about every taste. We have compiled a Top 5 list of Spanish party cities, complete with tips on bar and club districts that …CONTINUE READING

Was it the excitement of the exotic, passionate culture that first led you to study Spanish? A fond holiday memory of fun in the sun perhaps? Maybe your work requires it, or you’ve met a significant other from a Spanish-speaking country? Whatever your reasons for deciding to learn Spanish, it was a commendable choice, congratulations! With Spanish being the second most spoken language in the world after Mandarin, there are in fact more Spanish than English speakers in the world – and with you joining them, there’ll be one more. …CONTINUE READING

Flying to Spain to do a language course does not have to cost a bomb. To ease the burden of accommodation and travel expenses, thank goodness budget airlines were invented! Flying regular routes from UK and Ireland to most Spanish airports, they might not offer the most glamorous of travel styles, but will certainly leave some money in your pocket to spend during your exciting Spanish trip. What we’ve done for you Whilst Easy Jet and Ryanair are still the industry leaders, more and more cheap flights are available every …CONTINUE READING

If you want to buy shoes, you go to the shoe store, right?  So, if you want to learn the Spanish language, why not go to Spain?  Learning directly in the country where this globally-spoken language was born will allow you to grasp the language, as well as the rich, diverse culture. Spanish is the official language in 21 countries around the world with over 480 million native and non-native speakers, making it the most popular Romance language.  In the US alone there are over 35 million Spanish speaking people.  …CONTINUE READING

1. Try to stay for a substantial amount of time; one or two weeks might not be worth it, depending on your level (if you want a vacation, just take a vacation!). 2. Attend every day of class, and even if you don’t do all the homework, try to do enough to get the idea of the lessons that were taught that day. 3. Get over your embarrassment and ask questions in class, practice Spanish in the streets and with friends as much as possible. If you don’t… you’ll regret …CONTINUE READING

One of the great things about studying Spanish in Spain is the usefulness of learning one of the world’s most important languages while experiencing the country’s culture and lifestyle. A great way to take advantage of your time as a student in Spain is to make weekend or even day trips to nearby sites of cultural and historical significance to enjoy yourself and enrich your cultural experience. Following is a list of weekend trip suggestions near a few of Spain’s most popular study abroad destinations. Keep in mind that domestic …CONTINUE READING

So you’ve made Spanish friends. You’ve gotten their numbers. Next step? Send them a txt msg! It’s cheaper than calling, especially if you engage in the art of abbreviation (abvn). Here are a few guidelines to follow:   Omitting the ‘e’ at the end of a word You can omit the ‘e’ in words that finish with that letter when the last consonant is a ‘d,’ ‘t,’ ‘b,’ or ‘c.’ This is because in Spanish, the way you pronounce these letters already includes the ‘e’ sound: d = de, t …CONTINUE READING

Learning Spanish through films is an entertaining and effective way of increasing your experience with the language, especially now that the quality of Spanish films is increasingly rapidly. Following is an excerpt from the script of “El Día de la Bestia,” a Spanish cult classic released in 1995. Test your understanding of Spanish and resort to the translation for the parts you have trouble with. If you like what you read, you’ll find this classic in any local Spanish video store. La acción pasa en Madrid, durante las fiestas navideñas… …CONTINUE READING

Music is one way we can understand a culture. Andalucia is the home of flamenco a genre that is filled with passion, radiance and impulsivity. Flamenco mingles acoustic guitar playing, singing, chanting, dancing and handclapping. The flamenco dancer performs with fervor and even tortured expressions but always strives for grace and dignity. The stereotyped polka-dot dresses, castanets and acoustic guitars have all become representational to Andalucía but these do not represent the authenticity and culture that has prevailed from Flamenco. Flamenco The exact origins of Flamenco are somewhat unsolved, however …CONTINUE READING

Once you’ve made the decision to come study in Spain, a whole new set of questions arise. Should I choose a university or a private language school? How much money will I need while I’m there? How long of a course should I take? One of the first and possibly the hardest decisions to make is to choose a city to study in. Some people already know from the outset where they want to go: they might have spent some time in a particular city and want to go back, …CONTINUE READING